So what’s going on here?

Welcome to, home of… very little right now.

The Project was an attempt at a visual novel using all of the power that the Internet could bring to bear.
Problem was, at the time, I was a lousy artist working multiple jobs. Updates were few, and they weren’t pretty nor visually compelling. After several years of struggling to make time to draw, maintaining a minimal audience, and operating with no social media skills, I finally scrapped what I’d created. After a while, life settled down, I got into a reliable work schedule, and I even started learning how to do the whole art thing correctly. Even got myself some beta readers to refine my script… in January 2020.
You can guess how long that lasted.

As such, The Project is on the back burner until such a time as I can give it what it deserves.

And the site?

Is active because I need to host stuff.

So… what’s here?

Right now, just my audio portfolio and a link to a once-a-week fan comic I’m doing. At some point, I may even host Doomedventure! here, but that requires time and effort that I need to direct elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

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